Наш гејм девелопер

Ово је текст који је објавио наш другар из разреда на свом блогу. Текст смо оставили на енглеском. Оригинални текст можете наћи на овом линку: клик, а успут можете и пружити кратки обилазак његовом блогу.
Наш другар је новопечени „Game Developer“, који је описао развој своје прве апликације у свом блог посту. Да сазнате више о апликацији коју он развија, прочитајте следећи текст.

I’ve been programming for years now, but I never actually got into something more advanced, like game developing is. I recently thought about giving it a try, and I am pretty happy with what I came up with.
The game I am creating is based on SethBling‘s „Building Game“. If you don’t know what it is, take a look here:

Now, players will, of course, not build, but draw stuff. So, for right now, the game is called
The Drawing Game(That name! Wow!), just because I have no imagination.
The game is mostly going to be exact the same, but I might come with some nice ideas to improve the gameplay.
I would also like you to suggest me some great ideas, and if I like them, they will for sure be in the game, and your name will most likely be found in the credits screen. 🙂
I also know that there might be nearly the same games out there on the internet, but this is more of a learning experience than anything else.

The game is being developed in Visual C++10, using SFML (Simple and Fast Multimedia Library), which is an OpenGL wrapper, great for developing 2D games. The game also uses TGUI (Texus GUI) library, which is a GUI library built on top of SFML.

For right now, I have only done main menu and options screen, but there is more to come soon! Aside from that, I’ve coded the preferences/settings system, which allows you to change settings from an .ini file in game’s directory, and remember the changes the player has done in-game. Also, the GUI is easily changeable, giving the client/player more freedom to pretty up his game, but we are talking more about technical stuff now, so we will stop here.

Here are some screenshots showing off the current stage of development (sadly, not much to look at, yet!). Keep in mind that most of this stuff you see down here will change in the near future, for now, the background picture and all GUI elements are just placeholders.

The Main Menu

The Options screen